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  • addWho is the organizer of the contest?

    Organizer of the contest:
    nextReality.Hamburg e.V.
    Am Sandtorkai 27/28
    20457 Hamburg

  • addWhat kind of entries are eligible for submission?

    The nextReality.Contest is a showcase of immersive media, such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Essentially, this contest is meant to support and promote newcomers and their latest projects.

    Entries in the following categories are eligible for submission.

    The category “Interactive Business” encompasses virtual and augmented reality B2B applications, meaning applications that are mainly geared towards use within companies, not consumer use.

    The category “Interactive Entertainment” accepts virtual and augmented reality for consumer use, including games used mainly by consumers.

    The category “Interactive Education” includes immersive applications with an educational approach or a training tool with a focus on didactics, with the target audience being B2B or B2C.

    Only contestants with a valid (school) student ID may enter submissions for the “Young Talents” category. However, we reserve the right to exclude submissions from this category. This category accepts both hardware and software projects.

    The category “Best Installation” contains hardware and software projects that are either locations-based or designed to be experienced in combination with an installation. These projects need more than a headset to reach their full potential: They create a holistic experience by employing real-world installations. As the panel will not be able to test these projects due to the effort involved, the best project is chosen based on description, video footage and artwork. This award does not include a cash prize.

    The “Zeitgeist” category contains projects related to current events. Whether journalism, art or narrative experiences, this category accepts all projects connected to current events, circumstances and challenges.

    The Community Award can only be entered in combination with a submission in one of the other 8 categories. Your submission requires your consent to participate. For the public vote, the description of your submission as well as video footage and artwork will be published. By checking the box you consent to the publication for the purpose of the vote.

  • addWhich contents does a submission require?

    All submissions require a titel, a short project description, screenshots and/or video footage. Based on this material, the panel will narrow down the field to 5 submissions per category, which will then be tested on site in Hamburg. So: The better the description of your submission, the higher your chance of making it further.
    Your description may also link to commercial marketing channels related to your submission. However, we reserve the right to reject links to apparently illegal or offensive content. The organizer has no influence regarding the design and content of linked pages and does not adopt the content of linked pages as its own.

    All submissions need to be made available to the panel in an appropriate manner. The five top submissions for each category are tested by the judging panel in Hamburg. For this purpose, the submissions need to be made available to us without incurring costs. Purely conceptual solutions (“vaporware”) will not be accepted.

  • addWho can enter submissions?

    Any person over the age of 18 may enter a submission, as long as producer, developer, principal or agent of the project are based in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. International entries are only eligible for the category “International Production”.

  • addHow are submissions evaluated and what happens after entering a submission?

    After the submission deadline, the panel will evaluate all projects and narrow down the field, based on project description, pictures and videos. The five top submissions for each category are then jointly tested by the Hamburg-based panel. For this purpose, the submissions need to be made available to us without incurring costs. On the day of deliberation, the panel discusses the applications they tested, decides on three nominees per category and agrees on the winners.

    The Community Award winners are determined by a public vote online.

  • addWhat is the deadline for the submission?

    You have to enter your submission until the 15 of August 2024.

  • addWhat is the prize?

    All categories (except “Community Award” and “Best Installation”) include a cash prize for the winner. TBA

  • addIs there a fee for submission?

    Submission is free of charge until June 30.
    From July 1, it will cost 25 euros.
    Young Talents can submit for free. All we need as proof is a current certificate of enrollment.

  • addCan I submit multiple projects?

    Submitting multiple projects is allowed.

  • addCan I enter my project in two categories at once?

    You can select at most two categories for your submission. Additionally, you may enter your submission for the Community Award.

  • addI am not sure which category would fit my project best.

    We are happy to help you find the suitable category, do not hesitate to contact us! Sarah.Wienberg@nextReality.Hamburg

  • addWhat's the deal with the exhibition?

    This year, we are planning a two-day exhibition as part of the XRC Awards ceremony. On a Thursday and Friday in November, you have the opportunity to showcase your projects. We aim to present applications to the public and provide nominees with a platform for networking and presentation. During the exhibition days, there will be networking opportunities and lectures on XR-related topics.

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