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Winner 2020

Interactive Business

Also nominated

The virtual expose
SXCES, Hamburg

Lufthansa Group: Virtual Aviation Training
NMY Mixed-Reality Communication GmbH, Frankfurt

Virtual Production Studio

Bizzlogic, The Curve und Redpiniata, Hamburg

Virtual Production describes a video production in an LED studio. It allows film directors to transport their talents and products to any location without ever having to leave the film studio. This eliminates the need for on-location filming.
Studio shots are made with a “tracked” camera in front of a large LED wall, while the virtual background adjusts to the camera’s position in real time. This professional solution can be used for live events, broadcast, film, TV shows, commercials, music videos and advertising, among others. Together with our partners from The Curve Studio and Redpinata, we are among the first studios worldwide to master this technology.

Interactive Entertainment

Blautopf VR

Tellux GmbH München

Blautopf! A place of myths and legends.
Only a few daring explorers have ever dared to explore the widely branching cave system beneath the Swabian Alb. And now it’s your turn!
With BLAUTOPF VR – GEHEIMNIS DER LAU you go on an expedition yourself and experience this fascinating and hidden cave world in virtual reality for the first time.
But science likes to forget that myths often have a kernel of truth – and what begins so scientifically soon becomes an experience of the third kind. For Eduard Mörike’s “Schöne Lau” is not just a fairy tale character …
Thus, the photogrammetrically accurately mapped blue cave system in the HTC Vive awakens to the scene of an adventure that is as eerie as it is instructive. In addition, the cave world can also be experienced through Oculus GO as well as mobile and on the web.
A TELLUX next / SWR / kohelet 3 / IT MEDIA – co-production supported by MFG Baden-Württemberg and FFF Bayern.

Also nominated

Build with the Force
Serviceplan, Hamburg

Adventure Soil Life
.hapto GmbH, Köln

360 Grad Movie

Also nominated

Zeitreise 1945 – Virtueller Gang durch Frankfurt am Main bei Kriegsende
pimento medienproduktions GmbH, Berlin

Find me in Paris
ZDF, Mainz

1st step

Faber Courtial, Darmstadt

“First Step” is at once both a VR documentary and a fairy tale, telling the magical story of a dream come true: the Apollo missions. Experience the elevator ride as you rise up alongside the steaming rocket and then, have a look inside the cramped capsule of the command module. See the missions, from their impressive launch, all the way through to their return from a new perspective. After landing on the moon, viewers find themselves gazing at lunar panoramas – thoroughly re-created from archive photos of the former Apollo 17 mission.

A captivating film with photorealistic settings of exceptional richness of detail, reconstructed in 3D on basis of original NASA data & with expert advice of ESA.

Young Talent

Faceit: IPhoneX Blendshapes and Performance Capture in Blender

Fynn Braren, Hamburg

Faceit is an extension for the open-source 3D software Blender.
Faceit allows artists around the world and indie developers on a budget to use any 3D character model in high quality motion capture. It does so using the popular and cost-effective facetracking solution from the Augmented Reality Kit for iOS devices. The ARKit solution is among the most popular in the world and will be used in mixed reality applications and game engines as well as in virtual film production.
Faceit allows to create the required micro facial expressions in a semi-automatic process, saving artists weeks of work.
The program was developed as part of my bachelor thesis and is currently unique on the market.
Faceit is under active development, but has been released in the blendermarket since a few days.

Also nominated

SOFAR: Eine Interaktive VR Reise
Oscar Patzschke, Halle

Museum of Perception
Niklas Blume, Lisa Lauer, Philip Ledulé, Manuel Peris, Dimitri Saenko, Oliver Stock, Alina Wingert, Kaiserslautern

Best Innovation

Also nominated

ARES: Augmented Reality Engineering Space
Holo-Light, Ismaning

Hologate Blitz
HOLOGATE GmbH, München

Swim VR

VR Coaster GmbH & Co KG , Kaiserslautern

SWIM VR is a snorkeling experience in virtual reality: Swim in swimming pools and experience the underwater world of the most beautiful dive sites in the world – that’s SWIM VR!
For this purpose, a waterproof cover for VR goggles is used. The user can use the VR goggles directly in the water. Additionally, current pumps will be used in the experience to suggest different speeds to the user while diving.
Current VR systems provide excellent image quality and create a highly immersive experience for the user. With the haptic element of real water and the virtual representation of the water worlds, the user gets a unique and very real diving experience. In this way, we bring the ocean to everyone, making the fascination of the underwater world possible even for those who cannot make long-distance trips. This protects the environment and brings us all to distant worlds!

Best Installation

Globetrotter das VR Abenteuer

Globetrotter Ausrüstung GmbH, Hamburg

Globetrotter, Germany’s largest outdoor outfitter, celebrated its 40th anniversary. The motto: “We celebrate outdoors.” Our idea: Hyper Reality. The combination of real objects, sound, jerk plates, air conditioners and wind machines and an extremely elaborately designed virtual reality world in a transportable 36 square meter box touring Germany. A hyper-reality installation that is unparalleled and brings the Globetrotter brand to life.
We sent two participants at a time, equipped with VR goggles and a mobile backpack, into our discovery room – a kind of museum from 40 years of Globe- trotter history. With the Unreal Engine we were able to achieve the highest level of VR quality, finger tracking and binaural 3D sound created a high level of immersion on top. Storms, rock slides and jetties breaking into the depths and finally a breathtaking balloon ride crowned this unique hyper-reality adventure.

Also nominated

Hologate Arena
HOLOGATE GmbH, München

Build with the Force
Serviceplan, München

Community Award

Also nominated

Epic Epidemic
FinnB0, Bremen

XR Graph: math graphs in AR and VR
Julius Neudecker und Marlon Lückert, Hamburg

Virtuelles Verhandlungstraining: Beat the Bot

InnoSÜD Teilprojekt der Hochschule Neu-Ulm, Ulm

We submit an AI/VR prototype for negotiation training. The user is in a negotiation pitch for capital goods. The user slips into the role of the salesperson and negotiates with two virtual, AI-controlled agents in the role of professional buyers via voice recognition. The AI-controlled professional buyers Paul and John make their counterparts sweat quite a bit…. but Ringo -the coach- helps the user to successfully master difficult negotiation situations.
As they go through various negotiation phases, they learn how to deal with competitive buyers as well as company-specific rules and negotiation styles. The VR application motivates repetition and consolidation of the learning content by incorporating playful elements with a serious-game character.
The application is currently in prototype status and is being tested with practitioners from b2b companies and students from Neu-Ulm University.

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