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Winner 2019

Interactive Business

Also nominated

Swing VR
A.Muse, Halle

Vaillant AR
Elastique, Köln

JackHammer Jam

VR Nerds, Hamburg

We developed a game for Strabag in which the player gets his hands on a jackhammer and uses it to work the surface of the moon. A second person uses a tablet to help locate gold, which must then be uncovered. What is special about JackHammer Jam is that the player is equipped with a replica jackhammer in VR, which is also tracked in space to create an immersion that can otherwise hardly be achieved in VR games.

Interactive Entertainment

Dornbracht VR

Elastique & Meiré und Meiré, Köln

“With the “Hyper Fountain” the Dornbracht Research Lab seeks open-ended dialogue. It does not present ready-made solutions but involves the viewer in the process of innovation development. Using virtual reality, it shows future scenarios and raises questions: What does technology enable us to do? What potential does it have for experiencing water? What effect does this have on us – and is this desirable?
We asked ourselves: what happens to your perception if you feel yourself washing your hands with water, but seeing something completely different? Could the virtual experience bring about the same reaction as physically experiencing something? Could learned patterns of experience be changed and and could users re-condition their perception?

Also nominated

Eden Tomorrow
SoulPix, Hannover

The Gate
Spice VR, Hamburg

360 Grad Movie

Also nominated

2nd Step
Faber Courtial, Darmstadt

Alte und seltene Handwerke in VR
Whitestag, Berlin

Paris Terror

Ricarda Saleh, Berlin

On January 7, 2015, two terrorists attacked “Charlie Hebdo” magazine. A third terrorist attacks the kosher supermarket “Hyper Cacher” shortly afterwards, killing four Jews and taking numerous hostages. A few manage to hide in a basement freezer with a baby. In this VR documentary, the memories of three hostages are rehashed. With special sensitivity, the hours of horror are conveyed with the help of drawn animations. This creates a level of abstraction that allows the viewer to engage with the story of the three survivors, Carole, Jean-Luc and Alain.
For this 360° documentary, the three survivors gave an in-depth interview for the first time. It was very difficult to convince protagonists to participate in this documentary because of the horror and fear in the Jewish community in Paris. Anti-Semitism is an issue that affects us all!

Young Talent

Digitale Speicherstadt VR

Nikolai Reinke, Hamburg

The Digital Speicherstadt Virtual Reality shows Hamburg’s historic Speicherstadt in an interactive way. Users not only see the city as observers, but become part of the action themselves.
In the different stations, they can load coffee, shovel coal and maintain power generators. Hamburg’s Speicherstadt and its technical innovations from 1890 were reconstructed in detail for the project by students at HAW Hamburg.
Since the application is intended to be used for exhibition purposes, special attention was paid to intuitive usability. Spatial interfaces and diegetic elements serve as a guideline for users to orient themselves in the digital world. A compact tutorial provides a playful introduction to the operation of the application.

Also nominated

Ricarda Saleh, Berlin

Relicta VR
Tobias Marquardt, Luise Kneitschel, Philipp Jäger, Noemi Möhr, Berlin

Best Innovation

Also nominated

Discovery Dock
Demodern, Hamburg

Spherie 2.0 Drohne
Spherie 2.0, Hamburg

A Space Walk

Space Walk, Hamburg

We are a startup founded in 2019 and developing a technology that enables natural walking in VR: Redirected Walking (RDW). RDW creates the illusion of exploring infinite worlds within a limited tracking range. This is achieved by diverging real and virtual motion. The technology is based on more than 4 years of research at the University of Hamburg, Germany, conducted by one of our co-founders as part of his PhD thesis. Unlike others (ICT, Uni Tokyo) we have developed RDW solutions that work for roomscale (up to 4×4 m) without interrupting the game flow. In doing so, we integrate the techniques directly with the virtual environment and gameplay.
Currently, we are presenting a tech demo in the form of an approximately 6-minute game-like VR experience where users explore a 45m² space station on 4x4m.

Community Award

Concert VR

Exozet Lab, Hamburg

Revolution in the music business: Experience concerts anywhere and anytime with concertVR!
The concert of your favorite band is sold out? At the wrong place at the wrong time? Live concerts are a growth market in the entertainment industry, but supply and demand are often far apart when it comes to available tickets and locations. No problem! concertVR makes this market more flexible and brings live events to users’ homes.
concertVR offers flexibility: concerts can be viewed as a livestream or on demand. In 360° mode on the smartphone, you are right in the middle of it. Thanks to Cardboard, there is a breathtaking VR experience with a real live atmosphere.
With concertVR, users can change perspectives and choose the best seats: in the front row, in the middle of the crowd or even directly on stage!
With its own cryptocurrency CVT: concertVR is the first cross-platform blockchain marketplace for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment sector.

Also nominated

A Space Walk
Space Walk, Hamburg

Die MRTV Experience
Sebastian Ang, Dortmund

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